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The Best Playbook

Knowing the contents of the Bible, God’s Word propels me into living a wonderful life.

It is the best playbook I have ever studied and drawn on.

Based on where I am in my life, the meaning, or the contents of the Bible speaks to me differently.

Take this example:

Paul was able to find joy in prison. He did not get bitter, but rather he wrote about his joy!

Hearing this in my early life was inconceivable to me. How is that even possible?

Paul said, “I’ve learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through…”

Today, I see that there are many ‘prisons’ I find myself in where I too can choose joy.

That means I need joy, when I am stuck in traffic, waiting on someone, feeling like I don’t have control, or in disagreement with someone I love.

Don’t get locked in a prison-like state of mind—stuck within a trial that ‘appears’ to be closing in. [Blind Spot]

I like the following quotation from Darren Hardy’s podcast Darren Daily, “I can find my way through, change my frustrations into fascinations and be joyful.”

Keep looking for the blind spots.

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If you want to explore more ways to discover your blind spots, grab the book today.

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