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The Experience of Gratitude

I thoroughly enjoy working with people. I often request people to focus on good things in their lives and how they experience gratitude. Here are a few of their stories:

  • A young couple talked about the disaster of losing his job. They reported they had only been married a few years and wanted to start a family. They fell into financially challenging times, and like so many who lost their livelihood, it was easy to fall into despair. With their families and church families' support, they were encouraged to look to the future with gratitude. By creating a gratitude journal, they kept their spirits high. Gratitude became their lifeline. They clung to small blessings, their supportive community, and each other, and gratitude taught them resilience when they needed it the most.

  • Another young couple reported that intentional gratitude brought them closer. "We make it a point to express appreciation daily. It's not just the grand gestures but the mundane—like thanking each other for chores or simply saying 'I love you.' It's strengthened our bond in ways we couldn't imagine."

  • When I talked to a veteran about gratitude, he reported that he has continued to struggle with his past war experiences. He said that "Gratitude Therapy" helped him shift from the pains of the past to the generosities of the present. His gratitude journal helped him change his focus from his military experience to the simple joys of each day. He reported that the old memories are still present, but gratitude helps him find peace amidst the chaos.

  • When asking an older gentleman about gratitude, he reported that he has experienced many facets of life. He has been given more than he deserves, not just material gifts. He has also experienced loss beyond belief. Now in his 80s, he reports that gratitude is his lifelong companion. He said it's not about what I have but my perspective. Gratitude brings me contentment and wisdom, allowing me to savor life's simple pleasures.

💡 Gratitude is the guiding light through life's ebbs and flows that profoundly influences my spirit.

How about you? What would others say about how you embrace gratitude at home and work?

Watch for the blind spots.

Yo! I've created a simple Gratitude Journal printable page for you to download, duplicate, and begin your daily gratitude experience. Click here to download.

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