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The Lotus Flower

Life can and has thrown me curve balls. Circumstances happen, and people do things that are out of my control. Having to change my routine is very uncomfortable for me. I like things to stay status quo as long as they are comfortable. Oh yeah, life doesn't work that way. When things go awry, I have learned to go with them.


A new way of looking at my life has caused peace and comfort, but not without effort. No one can dictate how I feel or act without my consent. Wow, this sounds rather bold! Yet my actions and reactions are entirely up to me. Allowing external circumstances to persuade me can be very risky. Indifference and low expectations around me hold no power over me once I operate from this truth. I can exist in this world without being shaped by it.


Consider the lotus flower floating on a pond. Despite growing in muddy waters, it remains pristine and untouched by the environment it's rooted in. Like the lotus, I strive to navigate life's challenges without letting them taint my soul. I choose to maintain a sense of detachment, where I engage with the world yet remain unaffected by its negativity.


Everything in my life is a result of my choices. If I don't like my circumstances, I must acknowledge that I have allowed them to happen.


You may want to argue extreme scenarios – what about those who face tragedy beyond their control? While I can't control what happens to me, I have absolute control over my response. I can choose to remain a victim or take charge of my life and ask, "So what, now what?"


By removing the victim mentality, I liberate myself from external influences, mastering my destiny and holding the keys to my freedom. It's all about choice – choosing empowerment over victimhood, responsibility over blame.


I choose to take back the reins of my life and steer it towards greatness – it's all within my power.


How about you? Are you a lotus flower, or do you allow circumstances to dictate your temperament?


Watch for the blind spots.


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