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The Oxymoron.

I don’t know if you have ever gone out of control to gain control.

I have and it was my intention to try to control others or situations in which I had no control.

In the TV series, Funniest Home Videos, I am reminded of the man who is trying to start his weed eater.

After pulling the rope multiple times and it not starting, he began to bang the weed eater on the concrete, turning it around, hitting the non-compliant engine as hard as he could, and bending and breaking every piece.

He then threw it down and stomped away.

How embarrassing, especially if the neighbors are watching. [BLIND SPOT]

I don’t know if any of you have ever done that, or perhaps you might know someone who has.

This is a case in point of allowing emotions to override intellect. Anxiety and intellect compete for the same brain resources.

The more anxious I am the less intellectual. The more intellectual I am the less anxious. I view anxiety and intellect as inversely proportionate. When one goes up, the other goes down.

Acting out of my anxiety is what I call “the oxymoron.” Going out of control to gain control.

If I am calm, strategic, and intentional about starting the weed eater, I will pursue other methods of solving the problem.

If I am very uptight and worried about finances, relationships, work, or children, rather than destroy the weed eater, I need to get myself under control by identifying and reducing the major stressors in my life.

Being aware that my thinking influences my distress can be very freeing and extinguish anxiety before it gets a hold of my emotions.

Resist the oxymoron; seek self-control!

Watch for the blind spots.

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