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Until You Can't

It is easy to become complacent in our world today. Life can be comfortable yet not fulfilling. It seems too easy to follow the social magnet and become lost in the world of others or lost in showing off the grandeur of a moment. I love one of my dear friend's approaches to social media when she posts a beautiful picture of her family, and she reports it's not always that way. What a lovely way to be humbly proud and not braggadocios.

When it comes to my daily living, do I stay caught up in today's culture? Do I follow the herd, or do I break new trails? The older I get, the more limited I become. Is it time to do what I dream of, or is it later? The younger I was, the easier it was to put things off. The older I get, the easier I see that I'm allowing dreams to pass me by.

Another great friend reminded me of Cody Johnson's song, 'Til You Can’t. These lyrics speak to me. It says to me that life is short and passing me by. It has inspired my friend to fulfill some of his dreams and dream new ones. As this post hits the internet, he will be off on a weeklong adventure with specific things in mind to see and be open to discovering something he didn't know. You go, my dear friend! After all, what is living all about?

Life is an adventure, a journey, and a place to build memories by pursuing dreams.

What an inspiration he is to me. Am I doing what my dreams are calling me to do? I have certainly said yes to some of my dreams, yet there are still some left to make a reality. I admire those of you who are living your dreams daily. Move over; here I come.

I have a lifetime of serving others, what a wonderful experience it has been. I would not want to have it any other way. However, I teach the concept of taking care of yourself; about getting renourished and replenished so that there is more to give. It may appear selfish, but if I don't, I will collapse, which is the destiny of caregivers who give too much.

What dreams are you not living out? Dreams don't have to be sourced by money. They can be risking rekindling a relationship, changing careers, making more friends, and being more available to the ones you love and who love you. There are no limits to dreams.

Have you and I waited too long? Not yet. Go until you can’t.

Watch for the blind spots.

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