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What is the Price of a Poor or Broken Relationship?

Have you ever looked at the cost of a broken or fractured relationship?

If it leads to a divorce, it can be horribly expensive in both dollars and emotional pain.

They can cost tens of thousands of dollars in addition to excruciating emotional anguish.

Divorce doesn’t just affect two people. It can be a traumatic experience for children, and no one can put a price on the children's tears or the concern of those who care about the two of you. I have witnessed too many tears due to divorce.

Being away from both parents causes indescribable grief, and additional variables like fighting and bickering before and after the divorce worsen everyone's emotional suffering.

Property division can be contentious, children may find it difficult to not have all of their stuff in one place, and the different rules that apply in each household can be very confusing.

A poor or broken relationship can be very harmful to the parents and the kids even if it does not result in divorce, it affects every area of life.


Broken or fractured work relationships can cause a loss of income, poor productivity, being passed over for promotion, creating a poor environment within the work group, and many other terrible experiences.


Broken or fractured family relationships are extremely stressful and make family gatherings, celebrations, and scheduling more difficult, especially when children are involved.


Broken or fractured relationships among friends and neighbors may frequently cause disturbances in social circles. Friends and neighbors may take sides, and this can be quite painful when once-close friends or work acquaintances turn away.


One of the most difficult adjustments in relationships is getting out of my own vacant head and observing how the other person responds. Whether it's physical or emotional indicators, I need to use empathy to see what the other is showing me.

Am I attracting or repelling them? This is a foreign concept, but it’s crucial. It's not the type of interpersonal conversation I usually have with myself.

Paying attention to poor or damaged relationships—as soon as they begin to deteriorate—can save both you and others’ dollars and emotional distress.

"A Stitch in time saves Nine." Thomas Fullers’ book Gnomologia, Adagies and Proverbs,

published in 1732.


Not all relationships can be salvaged. Some relationships are so toxic and fractured you must disengage.

Look for the blind spots.

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