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Blind spots are like a Mack truck that drives through your life, revealing your weak spots, limitations and humbling your reactions. I was in a conversation with a very dear friend on the way back from a trip. We discussed many situations and things we had experienced in a seminar attended that weekend. In the midst of the conversation he said, “You know, you have very limiting beliefs.” WHHAAAAT?! I was immediately defensive and began to read him the riot act on how he was wrong. Rationalizing, justifying and minimizing my behavior because OH MAN, BLIND SPOT EXPOSED! Here is what I learned and what you too can look for—the things I want to deny or resist about myself are the very things that identify my blind spots. Start listening to what people say around you. It is a blind spot revealer and can help you see what you are not seeing. When you uncover your blind spots, you become more conscious of your strengths, areas of opportunity, and the boundaries that you are operating within so you can lean forward and build a better you.

Watch for the blind spots.

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Blind Spots in Relationships

What I don't know I don't know about myself

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Would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at this experienice!

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