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Change frustration into fascination.

I may have written about this before, but the idea has been reoccurring lately, perhaps I need a reminder.

As Ralph and Robin were taking a short trip, out of nowhere a car comes abruptly from the left lane into their lane causing Robin to jam on the brakes to avoid a collision. Both were scared stiff by the incident and had it not been for Robin’s evasive actions, they would surely have had an accident. As most of us would have done, they automatically began to berate the foolish driver and his reckless behavior.

Then Ralph suggested that they turn this frustrating incident into something that was that was fascinating.

This became an opportunity to disallow frustration and negativity to take over. They began practicing the art of turning frustration into fascination. Fascination refers to a strong and compelling attraction or interest in something or someone in the moment. By looking for the novelty, complexity, mystery, and potential for learning, it can create a powerful emotional state within, which boosts their mood rather than tear it down.

Robin suggested that the driver may have been distracted by something and didn’t even recognize what they had created. At that Ralph laughed and remarked something about using their phone and not their driving skills. Then he speculated that there might have been an emergency and they were distracted by it, ignorant to what was going on around them.

They continued to bring up possible scenarios causing the other drivers lack of attention in the moment, some were humorous, and some were not. They began to bring up other situations where they went automatically into frustration and negativity.

Wow! This is how easily we can choose the negative path that brings us down and causes us to present in an unattractive manner.

By choosing the fascination route, Ralph and Robin were able to bring some lightheartedness to their conversation.

It is all too easy to let individuals or even nature steal our joy. Fascination is my new way of dealing with frustrating situations. It makes me feel much more emotionally mature.

How about you? Will this approach work?

Watch for the blind spots.

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What I don't know I don't know about myself

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