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Emotionally Constipated

With no teaching or training in emotions growing up, in school, or in the Marine Corps, I pushed through life emotionally unaware.

Not knowing how to effectively express emotions and share feelings, caused me to be completely blind to how they were impacting my choices, actions, and behaviors.

I was ill-equipped to handle being a husband and father, and after 13 years, my first marriage failed.

I attempted counseling but it was not for me, and it didn’t work.

I did not recognize my contribution to the demise of the marriage until my second marriage began to take on the characteristics of the first.

My second adventure in counseling was a very different experience. I was more focused on what I had to lose.

I began to research “emotions.”

Prior to this, I had only two…happy and mad.

Okay, so I was ‘emotionally constipated’, what can I say?

Judging my emotions, refusing to acknowledge that I had them, and turning down requests to share them caused a backup of unprocessed emotions that needed an outlet.

At the end of the day, the choice was up to me, and choosing to change went a long way to determining whom I became and the direction my life took—both in a practical sense of achieving greater success and in a spiritual sense of becoming a loving and kind human being.

If these symptoms apply, it is time to deal with all that emotional "stuff" before it becomes toxic in your relationships.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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