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I call it "Calendar Night"

It is safe to say that everyone wants life to be a little simpler.

No one lays their head down at night and thinks, "You know, I wish today had been way more complicated and chaotic."


We know firsthand how quickly a day can throw a “plot twist.”

It can throw instant chaos into work schedules, kids’ activities, household upkeep, and literally just trying to figure out what is for dinner—tonight.

I hear it frequently, “Our lives are out of control, and we just cannot seem to get a grip; we are always gunning after the next “to do.”

I utilize a principle to simplify the expectations and start looking for ways to simplify what is right in front of us, day by day so the haze can lift and the joy return.

I call it “Calendar Night.”

Usually, it is best when it occurs on Sunday evening when parents take the calendar and look at what each family member must do for the upcoming week.

At this point, it is easy to talk about who will take care of what.

Are there any events the parents can do together?

It is time to look at any irregularities in work schedules that cause shifts in time or length of workdays.

This is a good place to establish a date night and set up a time specifically reserved for the couple.

The purpose of calendar night is to establish the week; it is strictly a 'plan' and is not set in stone. If any deviations occur, the family must be included.

It is a good thing not only to have a mutual electronic calendar but also to have a printout posted on the refrigerator or in the family room where it is accessible by either parent or the children.

After the week is planned, I recommend that you go out for six to eight weeks in general and look for upcoming events such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and other types of celebrations in the nuclear or extended family.

Calendar night will keep you from running through your house trying to do EVERYTHING to only doing the IMPORTANT things.

The first step…is deciding what you want to make time for.

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you."—Jim Rohn

Calendar Night will assist your family in being more intentional every day to execute, grow, and remain organized.

I've discovered that it's a great time to start talking about upcoming events and start incorporating them into your conversations.

Start your Calendar Night, the fall is gaining on us and setting priorities and boundaries will help alleviate stress and create forward momentum.

Gather as a family on Sundays to ensure that none of you are sabotaged by unexpected appointments or events.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

P.S. This isn't just for families; you can apply it to your life, relationships, and business.

I've made a couple of printable pdf calendars to get you started.

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I think this is such a good idea and know exactly who I’m sharing it with.

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Great...share it with as many as you can

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