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RMJ Filibuster

Looking back, I could rationalize, minimize, and justify anything. [BLIND SPOT]

The more hidden the blind spots, the more I say and do things that I will feel remorse about later.

People who rationalize, minimize, and justify are frustrating to attempt to communicate with and do not realize it.

They utilize the 'filibuster,' an excessive use of words to deflect meaning or place decoys that draw the focus on the perceived accusation.

I see them as slippery fish, wiggling, struggling, jerking, trying to get away without connecting.

I have found in myself and others that acting more emotional than intellectual during the height of anxiety causes regretful actions and decisions.

In 'anxiety up' situations, we need to stop, focus and gain control as quickly as possible—not discussing anything further until we feel more in control.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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