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Spilled Milk

Let us look at a situation where my 5-year-old son was being overly active at the breakfast table.

There was great laughter and an interchange of fun conversation. Suddenly he accidentally knocks over a glass of milk.

Regardless of how I act, in the next 10 seconds, he will remember this moment for a lifetime.

So how will he feel when this spilled milk situation ends?

It will depend on how I express my feelings toward him.

The milk one can go back and unring this bell.

Nothing can change the circumstance, so do I express my frustration, and react by going out of control to gain control, [Blind Spot], or do I 'respond' in my rational, logical, reasonable mind, and use this as a learning opportunity to grow, teach, reinforce, and correct in such a way that he can learn from it and do so with confidence?

Paying attention to my emotions, allows me to be in control of my choices and enables me to build a better me.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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