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Stop trying to fix it

I encourage you to stay on the curious side, not the fixing side.

I do not want the ones that I love to be sad, in a negative mood, or emotional.

Too many times 'fixing' is my intent when I see someone suffering.

If their emotional state makes me emotional, I may want to help override their emotions by fixing or offering suggestions to get them out of that emotional state. [BLIND SPOT]

Asking what I call 'gently curious questions' is often a fun and beneficial way to bring something to the table which causes their mood to shift.

'Gently curious questions' softly probe the thoughts and ideas of a person in a way that causes them to learn more about themselves. It allows them to drill down and get to the deeper meaning of the circumstances that may be contributing to their problems or conditions.

A few examples of GCQ's are:

• What do you need from me? • I’m confused, can you elaborate? • Help me understand?

'Gently curious questions' gives me knowledge I do not obtain if I am always trying to fix people.

Stay on the curious side!

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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What I don't know I don't know about myself

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