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Yep, blind spot

Did your mom or dad ever scold you as a kid and tell you they don’t know why you are so hot-headed —as they are screaming at you for being hot-headed? [Blind Spot]

Maybe you have told your friend that they always seem to be distracted on their phone when you are trying to talk to them — while you are in the same habit of scrolling through your phone as they talk. [Blind Spot]

When you hear something over and over again from different people and in different contexts, it is the same information being repeated from one situation to the next.

Yep, blind spot.

Blind spots are not only based on your limitations or shortcomings. You are vulnerable to blind spots with your ‘positive qualities.'

Maybe you have had people telling you that you have a very nice smile—friends, co-workers, even your dentist—yet, you just shrug the compliment off every time…that is a blind spot.

And in this instance, if you take a closer look, you may remember that a sibling made unrelenting fun of you in your braces, so you have become 'blind’ towards seeing your nice smile.

When you don’t know what you don’t know, gaining awareness usually happens in moments of feeling stuck, or in moments of becoming aware of actions or behaviors that you push away to avoid.

Being ‘blind’ to how you are perceived or ‘blind’ to who you truly are because of old wounds, prevents you from seeing yourself wholly and completely.

No matter how often I was reminded to check my blind spots, I really could not—at least not on my own.

I need trusted people in my life to come alongside to help visibly identify these ‘blind spot’ areas.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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