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Yikes, I checked...

Welcome to Monday.

Got up, got breakfast, and headed out the door.

Got in the car, started the engine, pulled out of the drive, and got on the road for a great day at the office.

I checked my rear-view mirror and both side mirrors. Everything looked clear.

I started to get into the next lane…YIKES, I am met with a blaring horn from the car I was cutting off.

I swerved back as the other car roared past, the driver giving me the “glare.”

You know the one like I deliberately set out to crash into them this morning?!

BLIND SPOT…the hidden area in between the perspective of all my mirrors.

It was not on purpose, but it would have been a disaster if I had continued to move into the lane.

This is often how you can live your life, caught off guard by your blind spots and crashing into them again and again, wondering why you are wrecking things.

If you avoid checking your blind spots, you run the risk of damaging yourself or others.

When you meet with the 'blaring horn' in your relationships that seems to come out of nowhere, take a second look, adjust and make a change.

Recognizing your blind spots ‘steers’ you to a deeper understanding of yourself improves your communication, and connection, and builds a better you.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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