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You get to be wrong.

For many years, I believed that being right was everything. I felt a personal victory. 🏁 I harbored an aversion to being wrong and did all I could to be the winner. It was an absolute win to prove my point of view and slay the opposition.

It's human nature to want to be right. The feeling of being right can be intoxicating; it boosts our self-esteem and validates our knowledge. However, this very desire can sometimes lead to arrogance and a disregard for the perspectives of others, especially others that are important to me. How embarrassing this is to admit.

What happens when that triumph inadvertently makes others feel wrong? It's a dilemma I've often grappled with—the desire to be right versus the empathy for those who end up on the wrong side of the conversation.

😮 Wow! When I need to be right, others get to be wrong. I despise being wrong; when I'm right, that is the only position left. 😖 Ouch! I needed help to uncover this. [Blind Spot]

It's important to note that no one enjoys being wrong. It's a blow to the ego and our self-esteem. Yet, as much as I hate being wrong, there’s a delicate art to handling these kinds of situations.

It's equally essential to acknowledge that nobody is right all the time. There’s room for error, even when I am convinced of my correctness, and admitting this to myself makes accepting an opposing viewpoint with grace easier. Instead of boasting in the moment, I remind myself that being right is fleeting and that humility can be an influential teacher.

Shame played a huge part in my not wanting to appear wrong, so being right was my only option. The shame pit is a miserable place to hang out.

My new focus on humility revolves around respecting others' points of view without trying to prove them wrong and refusing to allow other's opinion to put them in harm's way.

👉How about you? Do you need to be right at the expense of others?

Watch for the blind spots.

I appreciate your sharing this post, commenting and liking. Your feedback is valuable to me as we learn to explore and discover our blind spots.

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12 de out. de 2023

thank you Jerry


27 de set. de 2023

Okay, have to admit, on this point you are right.


27 de set. de 2023

Good Stuff Jerry!!

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