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Adjust your mirror.

I was reminded of a mother who complained of her son’s behavior, “I don’t know why little Horace is so violent—I’ve smacked him for it a thousand times.”

We have a lot of blind spots that come from our childhood. After all, that’s where we learned about life from our family and we hang out in what is familiar.

Feelings of being ashamed, less than, or unimportant, are all derived from our formative years, and we carry those things into our adulthood. We then protect them without realizing what we are doing.

We often become combative when confronted, making it hard to hear when someone calls to our attention their negative experience unrecognized by us.

If replicating the old into the new becomes our only approach to solving problems, it becomes a terrible weakness, no matter how we try to play it as a strength.

Trying to live life without solid positive feedback, intensifies life’s rough-and-tumble lessons.

An emotional blind spot is like that. You cannot see what is there unless you move to a new position or do something differently. Adjust your mirror, if you will.

Adjusting to the truth, as others present it to you, without judgment or spin will cause change. It’s hard to see yourself clearly while continuing to operate without integrity or in opposition to recommendations presented to you.

My flexibility and growth are maintained by moving forward and learning to challenge my limitations while leveraging my strengths. This prevents me from breaking.

This has everything to do with emotional maturity and knowing what is going on within me and acting accordingly.

Keep looking for the blind spots.

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