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Something that slips past our conscious thinking is whether our personal energy exudes something positive or negative.

I don't know about you, but my world needs positive energy. Yes, that general feeling of good cheer, happiness, and hope.

Positive energy attracts positive energy and helps to promote health and well-being.

Do our children experience enough positive energy? Starting young, to know and recognize positive energy, can set them on a great path. It is so easy to overlook this opportunity. Children are raised with so many commands that involve negative vibes. It is vital to ensure they feel a mix of positivity combined with teaching them to be great.

How is positive energy generated?

Smiling more is one of the simplest and most effective ways to project positive energy. A smile is the easiest way for me to feel happier, more positive, and it also makes those around me feel the same way. Being gracious and appreciative makes me feel good and will likely encourage others to do something nice for someone else. Complimenting others can create a good feeling in them, and they are more likely to be inspired to pay it forward.

Another way to spread positive energy is to help others. It makes both of you feel good.

Attract positive people, you know, those who are perpetually upbeat. Yeah, it would be ideal if you gravitated closer to them.

Spending time with uplifting individuals makes you feel better about yourself and elevates your spirits.

We mentioned smiling earlier. However, you can kick it up a notch by combing it with a wave! When you're out in public, make an effort to smile and wave at people.

It's a simple act, but it can really make someone's day.

Oh yeah, what about random acts of kindness? When truly done without another person knowing their source, these acts are amazing.

Remember, positivity is contagious. When you project positive energy, you make those around you feel better.

What is your energy level? Can you make it more positive?

Go out and make someone's day, smile and say hello.

Watch for the blind spots.

Please comment, like, and share, I appreciate your input.

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