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I'm just not that important.

I am often clouded by the fog of my concerns and desires. It is easy for me to succumb to the pitfalls of selfishness, judgmental attitudes, and self-righteousness. I need things to be like I want them. I want others to do things like I would do them. After all, that makes me feel more at ease and comfortable. How can I break free of these chains of nearsightedness? After all, I have the best ideas and ways of doing things. I know shortcuts that improve production and efficiency.

What a challenging situation or life I create for myself and others when I think and act this way. I become more interested in convincing others to do it my way and alienate them from me. Yes, I push them away in my attempt (poor as it may be) to make life better for them.

When I give up my consideration of others, empathy, and connection slip away. Most don't think the way I do, nor do they want to.

Brene Brown's teachings remind me that true strength lies in my ability to embrace vulnerability and cultivate compassion, fostering connections that transcend my self-centered perspectives.

Jim Rohn encourages a shift in focus from self-centeredness to contribution. He asserts that true fulfillment comes not from what we accumulate for ourselves but from the value we add to the lives of others. Rohn's philosophy challenges the notion of self-importance, redirecting our attention toward our broader impact on the world around us.

Within my clamor of selfish desires and self-righteous convictions, dawns the realization that “I'm just not that important.” This humble acknowledgment does not diminish my worth or potential impact but releases me from self-centeredness.

"I'm just not that important" becomes a liberating refrain. It invites me to step out of the shadows of self-centeredness and into shared humanity. My significance is not found in self-importance but in the compassionate connections and positive contributions I make in the lives of others.

Are you making yourself too important?

Watch for the blind spots.

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Nov 16, 2023

i always remember that. you were the first person to tell me that and i use it all the time. really changes my perspective. when i say it to others their way of thinking instantly changes. thanks Jerry Narciso

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