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Paper or China?

Occasionally, I find someone willing to settle for less than they deserve in their relationship.

I call it settling for crumbs on a paper plate in the corner of the kitchen rather than on the fine China on the dining room table.

Here are some questions to help you assess how you show up in your relationships.

Do you stay because you fear you can't improve, or do you claim your self-worth and disallow poor treatment?

Do you settle for less than you think you deserve or ask for what you need?

Do you feel you work too hard in the relationship, or do you demand reciprocation?

Are you staying because you're afraid to leave or do you feel great in this relationship?

Do you find yourself complaining more or becoming more assertive?

Are you telling yourself that things will improve over time, or are you asking for change?

Have you lost credibility, or are you feeling cherished?

Do you recognize that being alone is better than being together and feeling alone?

Do you tolerate whatever comes your way, or are you setting healthy limits?

Having emotionally mature confidence in yourself is the key to great relationships.

When I treat myself with dignity and respect, I will not allow anyone to treat me less. If I am going to be mad at anyone in this relationship, it is not going to be me.We promote what we permit.

In my relationships, the question now becomes, am I eating crumbs on a paper plate in the corner of the kitchen, or am I eating on the dining room table with fine linen, silver, China, and crystal?

It is my choice. I choose healthy, how about you?

Watch for the blind spots.

Please comment, like, and share, I appreciate your input.

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Blind Spots in Relationships

What I don't know I don't know about Myself

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