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Spirit of the Family

In my practice, I notice families are fractured by their many differing points of view.

Some are more focused on themselves than the family.

Unity and cohesion are missing. They start to blame, condemn and become critical of their perception of family members and situations. [Blind Spot]

When this arises, I like the idea of utilizing the “spirit of the family.”

The “spirit of the family” might be words like respect, peace, harmony, joy, love, care, or any word that the family could rally around to encourage and create solidarity.

When the constructive idea of the “spirit of the family” comes along, there is a choice in the way the family interacts, communicates, perceives, and feels toward one another.

Knowing that with every breath, and every word spoken, we are intentionally choosing the potential outcome of family members to feel safe, secure, and healthy.

The "spirit of the family" creates a household where we, “stop examining each 'them', and start examining ourselves.”

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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