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You got this, you're a natural!

I want to write about something a little different, another kind of blind spot for you to uncover.

It is the blind spot of “natural gifting.”

One of the joys of what I do is to assist people to recognize their natural gifts.

When I point out these natural gifts I see in them, they don’t think there is anything special about these qualities. They are such a natural part of their personality and character, they just see them as “who they are.”

“He or she is a natural…” it’s built-in, hardwired, ingrained, and often taken for granted. [Blind Spot]

If something comes that easily, we tend to overlook it or think it must not be valuable.

Because it is hidden from us and because it is our nature, we don’t always recognize who we are and how we show up.

So often we think that making masterful and worthwhile contributions has to be difficult. If it is hard to achieve or do, it must be worthwhile to pursue and more valuable to others and the world. Sometimes what comes easy, yes, our natural gifts, can produce our greatest contributions.

Always searching for our strengths and the most valuable contribution we can make, we struggle, research, train, concentrate, and motivate ourselves primarily to perform tasks that do not come naturally.

Don’t take me out of context, there is nothing wrong with working hard and challenging ourselves. However, I think we need to be reminded of the things we do “with our eyes closed.” The things that energize us as we are doing them are often our strengths in nature and gifting—and all too often our blind spots.

Let’s all challenge ourselves to do more of the things we are naturally good at, where we feel like we are just being ourselves and can see that our incredible talent comes from within.

Look for the blind spots and make a difference…naturally!

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I love this! I completely agree! When I do things that I know I'm good at, I am happier and more fulfilled!

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